Friday, November 1, 2013

Maybe there's a chance

So we found out from my husband's professor that nobody from UNR (our college) has gotten into the JET program in several years. He told us to not get our hopes up, or to put all our eggs in one basket. I think this just made my hubby more determined. He has decided to set up a resume on and will probably apply for other positions if he doesn't get an interview with JET. He's also thinking of substitute teaching in the US if the Japan thing doesn't pan out at first.

I'm kind of mixed, I'm trying to psyche myself up for moving to another country without setting myself up for disappointment if we don't get to go. Our plan is to put all our things into storage while we are gone, so I figure this is my opportunity to cull a lot of the crap we have accumulated.

My family are also really mixed about our desire to leave the country for a year or more. Some of them are very supportive of our desire to experience amazing things while we are still able to, and others are apprehensive that we are taking our son out of the country and away from his family. I think this is actually the best time for us to do this, Saru-chan is too young to have much of an issue with pulling up his roots or culture shock. The Japanese love children and I am pretty sure that he will be adored. And more than likely we will be back before he starts school and really needs to adjust to where he is living.

Either way we are going ahead with the application process, so only time will tell.