Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ancient Aliens

I was able to visit an Egyptian exhibit at my local art museum recently. The exhibit mostly consisted of artifacts from Egyptian tombs but I was pleased to discover that the whole back wall was a great Science Fiction mural. The quote on the wall said that it was based on the works of Science Fiction author Bruce Sterling. The mural was a fabulous rendition of egypt from a Sci-fi perspective, complete with flying saucers over the great pyramids. The art style was like a cave or chalk sketch but it almost looked like a blueprint and there were little captions all around describing aspects of the image. It was a bit more impressive in person than the photos because the room was large and dark and the mural spanned a tilted (almost like being inside a pyramid) wall across one whole side. Anyway, I wanted to share, it's not often I see something so wonderfly geeky at our art museum.

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