Friday, May 18, 2012

Just a Day

Friends in my kimono class. That's me on the top left.
I have to admit I'm a lot better adjusted now that I've been in Japan for a while. Now that I'm passed the jet-lag, the settling in and the majority of my culture shock, I am really enjoying myself. I still have issues with communication and understanding such a different culture but I've learned that I have to treat each encounter individually and not let my bad experiences overshadow the good ones.

My church home while I'm in Japan. 
So far the key to my happiness is to just try and be friendly with everyone. To build connections, friendships and to network. I did a little of this before I came here and that led to my wonderful singing experience, but finding a church family, being friends with the other foreigners and my Japanese conversation partner are helping too. I can't believe how expanded my worldview already is from the small time I've been away from home.

Sunset at Dejima Pier
The other thing that is helping is that I am connecting with the things I am most interested in. I love crafts and creative things and I am constantly seeing beautiful things that inspire me. I try to take lots of pictures (even though I'm often thought of as a crazy tourist) because I don't want to forget a lot of the things I'm seeing. I also try to stop and just enjoy the view, it's so easy to get caught up in the day to day existence of school and home necessities. But I constantly tell myself to look out the window, clear my mind and enjoy the sights that I have never seen before and might not get a chance to see again.

One of the cute clothing stores at Coco Walk mall
Japanese Aflac duck
Japanese road construction barriers
The most adorable hair accessories
My host mother wrote my name on an omuraisu (omelette with rice inside)

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