Sunday, August 5, 2012

Final Daze

The last few weeks have been filled with mixed emotions and a frenzy of activity. Doctors appointments, final exams, packing and last moments spent with good friends who I may never see again face to face. These last few weeks were not without happy moments though, festivals, concerts, karaoke and laughter also filled my days with memories that will last the rest of my life.

There are so many more things about my trip I wanted to share with everyone online, but as life got more hectic I focused more on the experiences rather than documenting everything. But I have more than enough pictures and memories to continue writing about my adventures for quite a while, even after I return home.

Japan is amazing, interesting and very strange. It's just like anywhere else in a lot of ways and yet there are so many things that make it so unique. Nagasaki is beautiful and vibrant, alive with old and new culture and so many things to see and do. I am so thankful for the opportunity to come here and expand my worldview.

So now I am here at my last day in Nagasaki, with only a few days left before I return to the US. I am happy to be returning to the familiarity of my home and family but there are definitely people and things in Japan that I will miss. So I bid farewell to the land of the rising sun, it's quirks and beauty as well as its faults. And I hope some day I will be able to revisit this wonderful land and discover what new adventures await me in the future.


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