Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Musings

It's been quite a while since the last time I posted. I never realized just how much my life would change after having a child. I guess I should let you know just what has been happening in the last year.

I returned home from Japan after a very long flight and a horrible airport experience in which we almost got stuck in LA. Being pregnant, sick and tired made this experience all the more trying. But in the ensuing months I was able to readjust to life in the US again just as my body started to expand. Coming into the holiday season also helped a lot, as I am a sucker for all the Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities.

In February I had my lovely little boy, I'll probably refer to him as O or Saru-chan (means little monkey in Japanese) and my life changed yet again. I am just now adjusting to the ups and downs of new motherhood, sleeplessness, sustaining someone that isn't myself, and all the smiles and giggles that I love so much. I am no longer working so I have been able to devote my attention to him and some other projects around the house. It's difficult to do without my income but I think that the time I am spending with him has really been worth it.

So I have a lot going on, and some exciting things coming up which I will be writing about in future posts. Not only have I been doing some great creative projects but we have some major life changes in the works. So keep an eye out for new posts!

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