Monday, October 28, 2013

Here and back again?

This week the JET Program posted their application online. My husband and my original plan, before getting our BA, doing the study abroad program and having a child, was for both of us to apply and live in Japan for at least a year. When I first returned from my study abroad program, I wanted nothing to do with this plan. I was very tired and shell shocked and needing to be home for a while. But as time has passed I find myself missing many of the day to day aspects of Japan. So recently we have decided to go ahead with a modified version of our original plan.

So my husband is applying for the JET Program this month, he is working on all the parts of the application process and the craziness is beginning. It isn't really an option for me to apply with him since there are a lot of factors involved, the possibility that we wouldn't be placed together, the need to find childcare for O (which I'm not sure I would want to do anyway), and the fact that I still haven't resolved my degree so that I can graduate. I am hoping that the degree problem will be resolved before we go (if we go) so that there is a possibility I could get a part time job outside of JET.

In the meantime I am doing a lot of research about JET and living in Japan, but it is actually a bit hard to find information about bringing a family. I think that is because most JETs are young and single. There are also a lot of varying factors, such as not knowing where exactly where we would end up if he is accepted. It would be really nice if we can end up near Nagasaki since we already have friends and familiarity there, but we won't know until it happens. So I figure that I will share my experiences so that others will know what we go through.

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