Saturday, April 12, 2014

Still waiting...

Wow, I am getting lax about keeping up with this blog. Sorry, sometimes I just don't have anything interesting in my life to talk about, and I'm not really interested in this just being a mommy blog.

I do have a few interesting things to add to my previous post. The first is that after all the crazy application process for the JET program my husband got an interview. This meant heading over to San Francisco, which I certainly didn't complain about.

This is one of the first times we've felt justified to splurge on a hotel room for a couple days, which we booked in our favorite part of SF, Japantown. We generally go there once a year or so but with my son being a toddler it was sure nice to be able to run up to the room whenever we needed to. I had plenty of time to explore the mall and have several fairly authentic Japanese meals, so even though my husband was a ball of nerves it was quite enjoyable for me.

That was in February, between then and April there was another period of waiting. Brian fretted and I got it into my mind that we probably weren't going and started thinking about other things. Then lo-and-behold we got a notice April 2 that he is now on the alternate list. This basically means that he neither got into the program nor has been rejected. He is on a list of candidates who will replace anyone who decides not to go or drops out of the program.

Guess what that means, MORE WAITING...uggh...

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