Saturday, April 7, 2012

School Field trip Pt. 1

After a week long orientation to get ready for school in Japan, the end of the week was a field trip. Some parts were cultural, others just about experiencing the beauty of the area but the whole day was  wonderful. We began a the school where we all piled into two large charter buses.

Our first stop was a rest stop overlooking the ocean where we all posed for a group photo and to take pictures of our own. I really can't tell you how gorgeous Nagasaki is, but you can see for yourself. The air was fresh and moist and there were all kinds of birds singing and flying around.

After that we went to Satome where we toured Shitsu church which was built by a French priest, and a fantastic Museum of History and Folklore. The museum was filled with old tools, cooking implements, fishing gear and all kinds of other old household goods. There was also quite a few artifacts from Nagasaki's Christian past.  But my favorite part of the museum was the spinning wheels and looms and the different fibers that were used with them. It was very interesting.


  1. How Fantastic! I bet you were really excited with the spinning wheeel!!! What an awesome view of the ocean. Looks like it was a long way down. Miss you both, Love, Mom Lee

  2. What a thrill. Thanks for the pictures and commentary. Pure enjoyment.
    Much LUV, MUMSY