Monday, April 9, 2012

School Field trip pt. 2

Our next stop on our field trip was Sikai Bridge Park overlooking an inlet from the sea. When the water from the ocean hits the water in the bay it creates whirlpools. The large bridge built over the water has an amazing view of the whirlpools as well as the beautiful trees and flowers on either side.

We ate lunch at Toto Market and they served a multi-course traditional Japanese meal. We sat at the fish table but there was also a chicken table. Some of the Japanese teacher sat at our table and helped us understand how to eat the unusual food. Some of it (the shrimp, sashimi and grilled vegetables) were delicious and other parts (some kind of custard with mushrooms and...some other things we couldn't identify) were not so good. But all in all it was filling and a fun experience.

After lunch we were free to walk around for a while so we went over the bridge. On the other side was a grove of sakura (cherry) trees in full bloom. With the contrasting blue/green water and the fresh air it was just breathtaking.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I can almost smell the flowers now!! Love Mom Lee

  2. Gorgeous, and you really look good, love the dress, food looks good, Yum!

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