Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hazy Daze

The last couple days have been a blur of anxiety, excitement, novelties and already a touch of homesickness. We arrived in Japan fairly on schedule, but our bags did not, and we knew they wouldn't. What is amazing is how friendly and helpful the baggage people were at the Fukuoka airport. They were already watching for us near the baggage claim (we went there on the off chance that our bags had come through) and walked us through the process of identifying and determining what to do with our bags. Unfortunately we will already be on the bus to Nagasaki by the time they arrive in Japan so they are going to be forwarded to our school. I don't know how long that will be but at least they are not completely lost.

The most amazing part about our baggage adventure was that they handed us 10000 yen for clothes and sundries to tide us over until we received our suitcases, that's like $120 in the US. But of course finding clothing that fits us in Japan is almost impossible. Thankfully we packed a full set of extra clothes in our carry-on and all we really need is toiletries and maybe an extra T shirt.

Taller than the door

After the baggage fiasco we met up with our contacts from School and they walked us through the schedule for the next few days. After the bus ride the orientation process we are going to go though this week is really intense. We will be going from one topic to the next from cell phones to culture and registering for classes. And this evening we will be meeting the family we will be staying with.

Fukuoka view from our Hotel


think I would be doing fine with all this craziness, but unfortunately I think I have come down with a touch of food poisoning. (Probably from the plane or the airport) I've had an upset tummy all night, and have emptied the contents of my stomach several times. So, now I'm just exhausted from lack of sleep.  It's really sad because I haven't really been able to enjoy Fukuoka as much as I wanted to. We've gone to a couple of great little local restaurants and they toted us around trying to find clothing that would fit Brian, LOL. He managed to find one T shirt that fits but it is tight across his shoulders. I also got a cute T shirt with black kitties on it. I have to say honestly I feel like I am in Japantown San Francisco, except for the people and the signs it's actually quite similar. The biggest difference is that it is cleaner, has a lot of malls and I can't really understand anybody.

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