Thursday, January 19, 2012


My local library is promoting a fantastic new technology called Overdrive Media Console. It's basically a program that allows you to check out audio and ebooks onto either your computer or mobile device. You just download the software either from their website or mobile app store, enter your local library information and you can find and check out any book that is available in their system.

The only drawback to using Overdrive is that just like physical library books they only have a limited number of "copies" available, so you often have to put popular books on hold. They also are not permanantly available to you and expire after a certain amount of time (determined by you when you check out) and then you are prompted to delete them when they expire.

But besides those small setbacks this is a really great resource. All the books are free to use, just like physical library books and many libraries have a really great selection. I use this all the time for classic books for school since they are almost always available.


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