Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vonica oh my Vonica

I started knitting this sweater last year and I am proud to say I've made fantastic progress on it. all that I have left to do is the right sleeve and I am so close to being done with that.

Unfortunately due to a miscalculation I ran out of yarn before I finished the last sleeve. Not to fear though, it's a fairly common yarn and I know just where to get it (Jimmy Beans Wool). I have also found that my cats love my sweater as much as I do (or at least the yarn) since I have on several occasions found them either laying on it or found the ball of yarn hopelessly tangled all over the living room. I try to always put it away where they can't get it, but I sometimes forget and almost always regret it the next day. So far I've been able to salvage it each time, but I am definitely ready for this project to be done.

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