Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shining Hills Art Quilt

This is a project I did for my Fiber Arts class, I had a really great time coming up with the concept. It started when my mom lent me her new embroidery machine, just about the time I was getting interested in Victorian crazy quilting.

This art quilt is a combination of different fabric scraps arranged so that there is a little atmospheric perspective to give the illusion of rolling hills. The mottled blue fabric in the sky is a scrap of my snow dying experiment. The edges of each scrap is a different embroidery stitch which gives the quilt an interesting texture.

After I got the quilt together I used these really pretty fasceted gold beads to create the sun rays. I love them because they give it a real sparkle. With this project I actually did a halfway decent job on the edge binding which I am still learning how to do. The backing is the same as the edge fabric and has a fabric loop to stick a dowel through and hang, but I don't have a dowel so I just tacked it to the wall.

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