Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rose Daughter

One of my favorite fantasy books is Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley. Ok, I have to say I really love this book. It isn't new or popular but it's a book that I've been turning to for a good comfort story since I was young. Even on the night of my wedding I turned to this book to help me with all my stress so that I could sleep and be ready for my big day.

So why do I love this book? Well first of all it's because Robin McKinley is a fabulous author. I haven't really read anything by her that I didn't love. She knows how to spin a wonderful fairytale without talking down to you or going above your head. Her heroines are lovable and relatable and yet have flaws that make them interesting and realistic.

Rose Daughter is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Of all the fairytale retellings this is by far my favorite because it fleshes out the story and yet weaves it into something timeless and more in depth than the original tale. Maybe it's because the main character (Beauty) is kind, resilient and self reliant with a soft spot for plants (roses in particular). Or maybe its because none of the characters are black and white, her sisters for example are vain and selfish but not evil. Or it could also be that the way magic works in her world is interesting and enjoyable. Whatever the reason I can never put the book down when I start to read it.

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