Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Study Abroad or Japan here I come

So things are falling together for my application to the USAC program which will allow me to study abroad in Nagasaki, Japan. I passed the initial application and was accepted into the program. Now I'm just trying to get all of the paperwork in. In order to go to Nagasaki I first have to:

a) Obtain a passport (yay! Just recieved it in the mail yesterday)
b) Fill out the application for the Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies (still working on that)
c) Obtain two letters of recommendation from important people who can vouch for you
d) Have a health exam, complete with x-rays...
e) Figure out financial stuff...hooray for student loans
f) Figure out housing arrangements

You would think that this is all straight forward, but here's the twist. I'm married and my husband is also going with me in the USAC exchange. I am still waiting to hear exactly where we will be staying. Normally the choices are a homestay (you stay with a family, a great way to get imersed in the culture) or a dormatory. Here's the problem, there aren't very many married couples who go and they aren't sure if a homestay will allow us to stay together. If we have to stay in a dormatory they are not co-ed. So there is a chance that we won't be able to stay together for several months while we are there. I am really hoping that they will find a homestay that will accept both of us...I am still waiting to hear back.

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