Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spunky Bag

My current crazy quilt design is evolving out of a desire to do something less Victorian and a little edgier. I really liked the brown fabric with the teal polka-dots especially when paired with the other fabrics. I tried to keep everything coordinating even though some of the prints are a bit crazy.

All of the quilt fabrics are cotton fat quarter panels I have picked up here and there and added to my stash. I think most of them I only paid $.99 for and I'm only using a small part of each panel for a small project like this. It's a great sewing craft for someone on a budget.

The lining will be this great silky snakeskin print that I backed with interfacing to make it more manageable. And the back is a chocolate colored faux leather. I haven't decided on the type of straps yet, or the embellishments.

I was thinking about bordering several of the edges with lines of seed beads. I'm not sure if I want to use embroidery on this one. I think I might want to keep the pattern as a focal point rather than an embellishment.

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