Sunday, August 21, 2011

Suikawari Watermelon Game

Yesterday the UNR Japanese Talk-Talk club took it's annual trip to Lake Tahoe. It's been a long time since I've spent time at Sand Harbor, and the biggest thing I remember is sunburns. This trip, however, was really fun. There was a great mix of American and Japanese students as well as other cultures mixed in.

It was mostly fun in the sun, swimming, playing in the sand and eating. But there was one great Japanese activity we did which is called suikawari. Much like a pinata, the watermelon is placed on the ground, a person is blindfolded, spun around and given a bat or stick. The spectators then yell out right, left and forward in Japanese to help the person find the watermelon. Each person gets one try to smash it. The point of the game is to smash the watermelon enough that it can be broken up and given to everyone to eat. It can be much easier and more fun than just cutting it open.

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