Saturday, February 4, 2012

Crafty Craftsy

Craftsy is a wonderful crafting tutorial website. The premise of this website is to offer video classes for various types of crafts. From sewing to knitting to painting there are a plethora of great classes to choose from. They aren't free classes, but most of them are really reasonably priced and the quality is usually well worth the price. Also, if you join their email list they often send out special offers on their new classes.

So far I've tried a couple sewing classes, and although I haven't completed any of the projects yet I am really happy to have this as a resource. The videos are generally very professional quality (unlike sites like Youtube) and all of the project resources or supply lists are available for download. The best part is that these are actual classes with teachers and students so at any time you can ask questions of the teacher or have a discussion with the class. Once you pay for a class you always have acess to it, you can watch and rewatch the videos as often as you want.

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