Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Finally!! A place to stay

35 days to go until Nagasaki and after months of waiting we've finally got all our study abroad information. (except the visa) Part of the issue has been that I am studying abroad with my husband, which seems to have everybody stumped. I guess that makes sense because most college students who join USAC are young, single or going by themselves.

So I was really excited to discover when we got our packets that they managed to find a family who would be willing to host both of us. We were told that this was a possibility but that it was really unlikely. I can't tell you how relieved I am to know that things will be going much smoother from now on. It is much easier to coordinate two people when they are staying in the same place.

The family we are staying with consists of an older couple and their adult son. It's not unusual in Japan for a son to live with and take care of his parents, so I'm not surprised by this family structure. Supposedly the son speaks decent English and the parents speak a little as well. But I'm not really worried, I'm determined to communicate no matter what even if I have to use my little bit of baby Japanese.

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