Saturday, February 25, 2012

In My Craft Room Pt.2

This is not exactly an organizational tip, but one of the things I've found that helps inspire me in my craft room is a cork board. I've read a lot of articles about starting an art journal or board for keeping things you come across without being quite so cluttered.

My board consists of postcards I've received from friends, small pictures or crafty things I love and clothing or other fun things from magazines and catalogs. I still have plenty of room to add things at this point, but I fugure when it fills up then I will just remove what no longer inspires me, layer on top of it or move it around.

Just looking at the board makes me happy and represents who I am as a crafter. It also gives me a place to put keepsakes where I can look at them rather than shoving them in a drawer or box.

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