Friday, February 10, 2012


I'm grounded enough to know that my trip abroad won't be perfect. I would never assume that I won't suffer from at least some culture shock. But when I see a video like this one of the place that I'm visiting, I really am getting excited. I've developed a love of the ocean and the coast by going to Monterey and San Francisco over the years and I can't help seeing the connection between the beauty of the California coast and that of Nagasaki.

I know that the weather will probably be different, Nagasaki is a more tropical climate. I will be getting there just in time for hanami which is when all the sakura (cherry) trees bloom. Since this is one of the the things I have always wanted to experience I can hardly contain my glee at the fortunate timing.

As the date for my trip draws closer, it's been getting harder and harder to distract myself with my normal everyday life. I have been devouring every travel guide, blog and video I can find about Nagasaki and I am bursting with anticipation for my upcoming trip.

Anyway, here is the fabulous travel video I found if you are curious about the charms of Nagasaki. The beautiful landscape alone is enough to ignite my imagination.

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